Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Pickup next week!

Just about everybody heard this from me yesterday, but I want to remind everyone that next week is a no pickup week. Opal is finishing school, and there's a lot to take care of; plus the FARMERS MARKET starts up, which always feels like a huge thing. I hope to have some time to work on our organization. Like posting a schedule. But also to look back at the first meetings and emails and figure out who wanted to do what in the CSA.
Party Planner? We need you! Weeders? Come on out! And we are going to need harvest help on a regular basis. It hasn't been too important so far because I've been harvesting more from our two city gardens than at Mathewson farm, and I didn't want to make anyone else run all around like a crazy person (like me) But yesterday it was great to have Donald and Jason picking all that arugula. Now we just need someone to commit to joining us around 3:00 to set up the distribution table. It would help so much!
I hope to hear from the members how they want to get involved. And I can't wait for our first garden party.


  1. I am the party planner...with a plan! How about the weekend before July 4, to get whatever farmwork done that needs to be done, while grilling some local (bring you own beef or other grillables) foodstuffs and creating more potassium (through the miracle of burning wood) for our veggies? Let's talk!

  2. That's the 26th, right? I'm hoping for a friday or sunday party. Let's do it!

  3. weirdly this is saying Opal said this, but it's me! Catherine!